Audio cassette tapesMastermix dot org is dedicated to the art of music mixing since the early 1980s. The collection begins with disco mastermixes made with turnables and tape recorders, through to currect digital re-workings of contemporary music. To try to make sense of it all the music has been categorised like this:

  • Mastermix - a segue of multiple songs usually sequencially, keeping a similar tempo throughout
  • Mashup - combining two or three songs (typically) for the duration of the track, often using instrumentals and acapellas
  • Remix - editing and re-ordering a single track, sometimes adding original sounds, to create something new, different and exclusive
  • Turntablism - A display of mixing dexterity; using turntables as a musical instrument.
  • Original works - where the amount of creativity by the mixer warrants the recording to be classified as a new track in its own right

Sound quality varies throughout the site, some of the early mixes are recorded from pirate radio broadcasts onto cassette tape. More modern recordings are digitally produced but may be subject to mp3 compression. Hi fidelity is not the priority here :) It's about a different way of listening to familiar music.

A note on downloading. The site is not about ripping off artists or record labels. Use this site to discover new (or old) songs and go buy those tracks from legal sources. Without the original songs we wouldn't have these re-workings, so support the artists and labels. I don't include download links. If you want to keep a copy just plug a cassette deck into the output jack of your computer and record the audio.

Thanks for reading this, stay a while and dig around the site. You can even listen on the go with Radio Mastermix. Your comments are always welcome. Cheers :) - Richcolour