DJ Cheese on the decksExpanding the scratch theme of the previous year’s winning mix by Roger Johnson, Cheese came to the Championships in ’86 and changed the style of the competition forever. Expert scratching and speedy two record to-ing and fro-ing. Admittedly the mix has a couple of needle skips, and a one-legged channel on the mixer (or just bad panning). There are two radio recordings here – the first is a nice, clean Radio London broadcast by Robbie Vincent. The second is possibly a Capital Radio broadcast. There’s also an LWR recording on a tape somewhere which doesn’t have the profanity beeps. That will be uploaded when I find it.

UPDATE: Video available! This camcorder tape might be the only video available of the event, and what is here is incomplete. However it’s history in the making. We see how Cheese performed with the turntables not split and the mixer on the right. Another reveal is the handcuffs at 3’20” ! Plus the excitement of the crowd is a joy to hear. DMC founder Tony Prince introduces. Respect to RecycleBeatz for first uploading this to YouTube in 2009.