This funky electro mix from was spun by Colin Faver on Kiss FM in London, whilst they occupied the 95.3 FM frequency, sandwiched between Radio London and Capital Radio. This is 1986 and Capital hadn’t rebranded with the ‘FM’ suffix yet. But they soon would, possibly inspired by the exciting, unconventional station that was cheekily bouncing up and down on their left knee. Prior to Kiss, stations were either called ‘Radio’ – Horizon Radio, Solar Radio, Radio Jackie, Radio Invicta – or they had three letter abreviations – LWR, DBC, JFM, TKO, LBC, ETC.

So in the late 80s many the legal stations followed Kiss’s lead and rebranded themselves as whatever FM. We’ve had Capital FM, Choice FM, Jazz FM, Smooth FM, 1 FM, TopShop FM, even Asda FM, and hundreds more. Then after 20 years or so, nearly all of these stations rebranded back to ‘Radio’. Except for Capital. It’s 2018 and they’re still using the FM moniker. Could someone politely tell them it’s time to move on?

Back to the mix. The first 45 seconds is in stereo, then the interference got a bit too much so it was switched to mono. If you can ID this please leave a comment below.