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Radio Mastermix is an multitude of multitrack mixes. A dusty box of old mixtapes. Sounds of 1980s electro soul funk hip-hop, and old school turntablism when we were just cutting and scratching. 90s acid house and rave, post millennial mash ups, and random cassette accidents. An endless audio nonsense to confuse, bemuse and amuse your brain. Hit that play button ↑

Short attention span? Listen to three and a bit minutes of jingle heaven hell:

Radio Mastermix does not condone illegal downloads of music. If you hear a sample that you like, support the original artist and record label by buying the song from a legal download website. Try,,, or go direct to the record label's website. If there's a sample that you've heard on Radio Mastermix that you need help identifying please leave a comment on this site. Richcolour will ID it for you, and send you a link to a legal download site where you can buy the original song. Radio Mastermix plays fan-made mixes and mashups. It does not play full-length, commercially available songs. If there's a sample or portion of music that you believe should not be played please leave a comment and it will be removed.