Top DC sound, a GoGo beauty. Good quality recording from a Maxell XLII chrome cassette. The creator of this one was a bit of a mystery for while. It's generally all Trouble Funk with some Coldcut samples turntablised over the top. Thankfully Robin got in touch with this crucial info: "The Trouble Funk mix sounded familiar so I'm just back from rooting around in the spare room. It's from a 7" (33 RPM) that came free with Record Mirror (1988) and it's called Troublefunk "Richie Rich In Trouble". The B-side is "My Boyfriend's Private Party" featuring Wally Jump Junior and The Criminal Element's "Lighten Up", Arthur Baker's "Private Party", LA Mix's "Don't Stop (Bonus Beats)" and Shanice Wilson "I'll Bet She's Got A Boyfriend" So there it is. The good scratching was done by Richie Rich. And for some unknown reason 19 year old me scratched Doctorin' the House over the top of it. Sorry about that. Tracklist: Trouble over Here, Trouble over There, It's in the Mix (Don't Touch that Stereo), Pump Me Up, Still Smokin', Drop the Bomb, and samples from Doctorin' the House by Coldcut.