A cassette recording broadcast on the Tim Westwood show, pirate radio station LWR in 1985. Old school live show recording of DJ Hollywood and Brucie B at the Rooftop Club in New York. Features the old mellow breakbeat Ike’s Mood by Isaac Hayes, and Tears for Fears’ Shout. Enjoy Tim Westwood’s early radio style – he says some genuinely nice comments over it. Then next on this playlist is his Capital Radio broadcast of the same tape (use the player’s FWD and REV buttons to hear both versions). Fame and fortune at the discotheque!

Thanks to Russ aka MP3Genius for supplying the Capital recording which was broadcast in 1987. Nice and legal, and pumped up a few more FM watts. Worries tonight!

Tracklist: Ike’s Mood – Isaac Hayes, Tears for Fears – Shout.