Saw an ad for this 12″ white label in the back of Blues & Soul magazine, circa 1985. Low level bootleg pressing, so it required a good deal of cleaning up in Magix Audio Cleaning Lab. On the record are three unknown, unnamed, anonymous mastermixes. The first one shall be known as Jam On It mix as it takes the Newcleus electro track as its foundation break. Next up is Picture This, named because of the Bugger Groove samples. Finally it’s the Big Mix, because it’s the biggest of the three. Listen to all tacks on the player below. Tracklists to follow. Solid Groove Records was a reggae label based in Croydon, UK, so this 12 may have originated from them.

If you have any info at all on the DJ(s) or the people that sold this in a classified ad in Blues & Soul, or if you can scan the advert for this site, or maybe you’re one of the ladies on the record sleeve(!), please do get in touch.